Here are some links to blogs, posts, videos, and conference sessions on the topic of “No Estimates”

Vasco Duarte Blog – Software Development Today

Neil Killick Blog-

Chris Chapman Blog-

Clinton Keith on “No estimates and set-based design” – Blog post

Clinton is author of the book “Agile Game Development with Scrum”, and an expert in Agile software development, especially as related to computer game development.

Henri Karhatsu Blog – Helsinki, Finland – Karhatsu Blog

Ebenezer Ikonne – “Ka anyi kwuo okwu” (is Igbo for “Let Us Talk”) – How About #NoEstimates?

Andy Davies – #NoEstimates is a good idea

Massimo Iocolare at Mini Italian Agile Day, Genova, May 17 – #NoEstimates [youtube]

Slides from this presentation: Slides at Slideshare

Robert Weißgraeber Video – #NoEstimates [youtube]

Estimates are part of our daily live. Every single day we ask and answer questions like: “when will it be done?”, “how much does it cost?” and use that “data” to plan the future of our projects. Some of us using rigorously formalised processes with heaps of excel sheets, some applying more agile methods like planning poker. While doing that, we do not realise, how estimates are harmful!

#NoEstimates is about exploring alternative ways of planning our work, of assigning value to features and a different approach about what we want to deliver.

How to Estimate in Software Development with Gerard Beckerleg – On YouTube

My blog: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Agility

Links to all “NoEstimates” related posts on my blog: Beyond Estimates

A very good video introduction to my basic motivation and thinking about #NoEstimates:
A video interview of me by Craig Smith for InfoQ at Agile 2013. Mostly Mob Programming, but a little on NoEstimates at the end:



J.B. Rainsberger has written some very good posts about NoEstimates – Joes Blog

Nieve Herokuapp Snowing Code Blog post: “Do we need estimates?”

Probabilistic Project Planning with Dimitar Bakardzhiev – This is about doing project planning using Monte Carlo simulation:  Webinar Recording and Slides

Also: Article on Infoq

Luis Goncalves has written a post about breaking features into Stories, and adjusting as you go along: Is the Project scope realistic?

Ron Jefferies has written several posts related to #NoEstimates:


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